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Monte and Ros

Over the past couple of years, Monte and I have been working on this site for both ourselves and our friends to enjoy.

About us

We met nearly three years ago, and have been married since January 2002. Monte inherited two step-daughters, a german shepherd, pomeranian and guppy and I became step-mother to two adult children, and four grandchildren!! I've got to admit the prospect of becoming a grandma at 36 was quite daunting, but they are fantastic kids and we miss them all when we're away from them.



My husband is my hero, my rock and my soulmate. He knows me better than I know myself - and yet he accepts me completely. He can follow my crazy train of thought and stick with me for the ride, as I diverge and scatter my ideas and try to gather them back together to articulate my thoughts. And that takes an amazing person!! He is a gentleman; strong, but compassionate, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and he cooks!!! He constantly amazes me with his insight into events, his values and beliefs and his incredible knowledge. He's one of the most intelligent men I've ever met and a wisdom and spiritually that reaches to the depths of my soul and reminds me of why we are here and what it means to be alive. Thank you, hon, for being the man that you are. I love you.

Our darling Jordy


Be careful not to take the doctor's word for it when he tells you that your likelihood of conceiving is very low! We have the baby to prove it!

Jordy came screaming into the world at 11.42am on July 25, 2002. I must admit, the third time around it is so much easier. I'm lucky in that I get a lot of help from his Daddy and I think that's made this time much more enjoyable. I don't remember ever playing with the girls the way I play with Jordy. He's only four months old, but we talk and giggle and it's so amazing to watch this new little life and see the world from his eyes. He's got a temper at times, but most of the day Jordy sits in his rocker and watches the world go by. Sissies come home and play with him and it's just beautiful to watch his face light up in their presence.

Many people think babies do very little except eat and sleep in those early weeks. But I wonder how many people really observe the way a baby learns. I remember hearing that if you poked your tongue out at a newborn, they will poke their tongue back. Try it!! You might be very surprised! At six weeks old we had Jordy on our knees one night and I was talking to him, poking my tongue out (yeah a fly on the wall would think me strange), and raising my eyebrows at him. He poked his tongue back out and then tried to raise his eyebrows back at me!!! I kept talking "Can you nod your head like this, too?" And what do you know? The kid started nodding his head!!!

The Girls.....

Jess & Kahni

Although this photo is about three years old, it's one of my favourites and really shows their personalities. Jess is your quintessential tomboy, she hates dresses or anything girlie. She was one of those kids that was a hurricane....well her room hasn't changed. She would argue black and blue and nag all day long. Two years ago, something changed....I'm not quite sure what happened, but this wonderful human being started to emerge. Someone so different to me in her views, her likes and dislikes, but so enjoyable to be around. Ok, truth is, she still has her moments, but I'm really beginning to like the adult she's becoming.

What can I say about Kahni? The day she was born, I think God sent me an angel. She had those eyes that seemed to have been here before and a peace about her I'd not recognised in many people I'd met. She's my little girl, so feminine and kind - we didn't even have the terrible twos.....though we did go through the sulky sevens. She's quickly becoming a beauty (as is her sister) and I think we're in for a hard time in about four or five years as the boys come knocking at the door. Her soul is sweet and pure, her regard for others so profound. She's one of those sweet, sensitive souls that often takes too much to heart as she tries to carry the burdens of the world. At 8 years old, she's set her sights on being an actor. Hopefully, that goal will help work toward increasing her confidence and give her the ability to assuredly walk up and introduce herself to people and learn how to engage in a conversation with new friends.


Over the past few months we've been trying to combine the hecticness of a new baby, running our business and renovating our house (which has turned into the money pit!!). It's fun, but sure is tiring!!

As you browse through our site, you'll gain an insight into my thoughts and inspirations. For the past two years I've been lecturing in Accounting. This site is my breakaway interest - to maintain a connection to my soul. I'm currently studying a Masters of Professional Administration with a Major in Peace Studies and hope to finish within two years. I've been racking my brain most of this year as to what I'd like to do for a thesis topic, and I think I'm narrowed down to a paper either on the Palestinian situation, or on the Dynamics of Community and it's members.

Thanks for visiting us

The internet can be a pretty anonymous world. We've given you an insight into our lives, and we'd love to hear from you and get to know you. Please, feel free to drop me a line and say hi or come visit and post to our message board. We'd love to hear from you! Perhaps you'd like to add your own inspirational story

Take Care

Love, Ros & Monte

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