"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. --Norman Vincent Peale "

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My goodness! What happened to 2003??? Another year over, and another Christmas just around the corner!

I didnít manage to slow down this year. If anything I hit the ground running at the beginning of the year and havenít stopped since. Well, not till two days ago when I finished my current work contract. More and more over the past few weeks Iíve come to realise that my life has to be about us, our family, my health and me

Jordy and the girls have grown so much this year. Jordy is now nearly 17 months old and into everything! Heís at that really cute stage where he seems to have a lot of understanding of the world around him and you can ask him questions about what he would like to eat, or whether he wants to go to bed, and heíll answer. Heís got a little vocab of about 20 words, and a lot of baby babble, which Iím sure means something to him

Jess starts high school in a few months. Wow!!! My baby that I held in my arms 12 years ago has nearly the same shoe size as me! Itís amazing what they learn in such a short space of time. What a shame I havenít learned as much in the past 12 years.

Kahni is still the sweet soul. Sheís been so much in need of her Mum this year, and I just havenít had the chance to give as much to her as I should have. I guess thatís why middle children have so many problemsÖÖ..they just tend to get forgotten.

Monte needs to slow down. Ok, I need to slow down and make him do the same. Iíve been teaching all year, still trying to finish that Masters in Peace Studies and decided to commence my CPA program before they upped the ante on the number of units required in 2004. I seem to have spent the past two weeks running around to past and present employers to get testimonials for Recognition of Prior experience so that I donít have to do as much time with mentoring. Anyway, Iíve gotten it in on time, so hopefully there wonít be any problem.

SoÖÖwhat to do next year, eh? I think I might play with a few home based ideas. It will help at least till Jordy gets to school. I still want to continue lecturing, but itís looking more and more like I will have to do a Phd to remain in the field. I used to joke to an Economics Master that I could think of nothing more boring than a Phd in Economics, but I can! ÖÖ..A Phd in Accounting! Although I hear that thereís a few ways you can divert the specialisation and do some eccentric study like ďThe Comparison of Ethical behaviour of Accountants in Socialistic and Capitalistic SocietiesĒ. Aaah well, weíll seeÖ..

Last year I mentioned how I wanted to run off and raise chickens. The dream is still there, but quite frankly, I run out of milk or butter at the most inconvenient hours and I donít think I could live so remotely that a run to the shops would take longer than five minutes.

Somehow everything got in the way last year and I never got the time to do all the projects I was so looking forward to. I havenít given them up, theyíve just all been deferred to next year. Letís hope that I can do everything Iíd hoped to do in the next twelve months. And then, who knows? My brain seems to tick at 100 miles a minute. It actually exhausts me! Our house is still the perpetual renovation, however we did lay concrete drives and paths this year, and have nearly finished painting the new render. Still trying to move the office into the garage. Anyone who wants some labouring work in our area, please let me know! Iím serious!!

Iím gradually regaining some of the energy that I lost this year, hopefully by mid January Iíll be back to normal. This year was just so exhausting, I feel like I need a two month recovery time.

Thatís about all I can think of to write at the moment. Thereís probably so much Iíve missed but itís just difficult to figure what youíd even find interesting in my somewhat boring life.

Roll on 2004! May you and your family have a happy, healthy and safe Christmas.

Love to all and God bless Ros, Monte, Jess, Kahni & Jordan

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