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Lots of Love Ros and Monte

God has forgiven you… 

Everyday we live with the guilt of past transgressions and our heart hurts because we cannot forgive our selves. Yet God has forgiven us. He shows us everyday his forgiveness; he blesses us with his love and kindness.

Do you have kids, Grand Kids, Parents, Brothers or Sisters that love you?

Do you have people that care about you and what happens to you?

Do you have a home, a place to sleep, food to eat?

Do you have air to breathe, beauty to look at in the trees and nature that surrounds you?

Do you wake in the morning safe and healthy?

 All of these things are a gift from God, he blesses you each and everyday with these and so many more gifts. 

But do you partake of them? 

Or like most do you sit and ask for more never realizing that your cup over flows with his love and forgiveness. Do you dare not enjoy the things he gives you because you cannot allow yourself to, because you are to busy blaming yourself for things in the past. God fills your life and you do not take of the blessings!

So how can you expect him to give you more when your cup is so full he cannot put more in?

How can you expect him to change your life make you happy when he has given you all you could ever want but you will not accept his gifts cause you cannot forgive yourself? 

Let go of the past; embrace his gifts today, tomorrow and forever.  Love again live your life, enjoy his gifts and he will continue to fill your cup daily with more blessings. 

But most of all trust and believe, never turn your back on the gifts he hands you, he wants you to be happy; remember you are HIS child when you are smiling so is HE.


Author:  Monte 


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