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Is God Alive?

This a true story, as told on Christian Radio and published in the New York papers.

Living in New York was a 68 year old man from Hungary. Everyday he followed the same routine he got up dressed and walked to the train station where he would catch the 8.15 train, he did this for over 40 years without fail. One day as he boarded the 8.15 it broke down causing him, a delay and forcing him to take the 9.30 train that morning. As he got on the train he noticed the only empty seat was next to a gentleman about his age, he sat down and noticed that the man was reading a Hungarian newspaper, curious he begin to speak to the man as they conversed he was told a story about how he was new to New York how during WW2 he and his wife had been imprisoned by the Nazis, and separated, how he had been caught behind the Iron Curtain and could not get out of the Soviet ruled Eastern bloc. He had traced through records, and believed his wife was liberated by the Americans and may have came to the US after the war. And now that the wall had come down he was free to travel to the US and was reading the classifieds in the Hungarian newspapers where he had placed ads hoping she would see them. He did not have any proof where she was he did not even know if she was in the US, and if she was, if New York was where she would be he was just looking in blind faith and prayer. It had been 1943 since he had seen his wife but he had a feeling she was still alive. The old man sat there in disbelief and shock he then ask the name of the woman he was looking for, he asked the man his name. He then pulled out a piece of paper he had written a name and phone number on, it was the name of a lady he had meet at a party over 2 months ago who told almost the exact same story as the man he was now sitting next to. At the next stop they got off the train and he called the number on the piece of paper the lady answered he reminded her of their meeting and ask her some questions about her husband, name age etc. when satisfied he told her the story of the train and ride and then put her husband on the phone. Not wanting to be in the way he then helped the man hail a taxi to her apartment.

After more then 40 years God had put back what was broken, he had used another man and the New York subway system to do his will.

Does God live I think so, Does he intercede in everyday lives I think so.

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